Chess Web Links
  General - Sites That Do Not Fit Into Any Other Category
  About Chess David Dunbar's About.com Chess Site - Wide Range Of Topics.
  BritWeb UK Web Chess Guide.
  chessbrain Virtual chess supercomputer using the processing power of Internet connected machines
  Chess Champs Garry Kasparov’s official website supporting ‘My Great Predecessors’ - his series of books about the great chess players of past and present.
  Chess Curiosities Tim Krabbé's website - Wide Range Of Chess Information.
  Chess Express Ratings The New Standard In Chess Metrics
  Chess Games On-line chess database and community - excellent!
  Chess Games Link Collection Link Collection of Chess Games From Around The Internet -  Free Downloads
  Chess Games Database The ChessBase On-Line Mega Game Database
  Chess Metrics Jeff Sonas' site - gives rating statistics for top chess players.
  Chess Variants British Chess Variants Society - Everything About Chess Variants!
  chessaid Comprehensive Site - Store, Software, Coaches, Downloads, Forum, etc.
  chessville Large Impressive Site: News, reviews, chess resources, and more.
  FIDE Handbook FIDE Rules and regulations
  La Mecca The First Real Encyclopaedia of Chess on Internet.
  Chess History - Historical Information About the Oldest Board Game
  British Chess Collections BCF Special Chess Collections Housed At University of Kent.
  Chess Archaeology Chess Historical Information - photographs, drawings, games, etc.
  Chess History Center A great site with some fascinating information relating to chess history. The Puzzles and Mysteries section is a gem!
  Goddesschess Origins Of Chess and Esoteric Aspects of The Game.
  The Origins of Chess Who? When? Where? Why? How?
  Uncrowned Kings Dedicated To Players Who Were Unable To Play For The World Title.
  World Chess Hall of Fame World Chess Hall of Fame & Sidney Samole Chess Museum.
  Chess News & Magazines - What's Happening In The Chess World
  British Chess Events BCM Chess Calendar/Events.
  British Chess Magazine BCM Chess News - Founded in 1881.
  British Junior Chess British Junior Chess News.
  ChessBase Large Site With Good News Coverage.
  Chess Cafe Vast Amount of Chess Information - Book Reviews, Chess articles, etc.
  The Chess Drum The Original Pan-African Chess Site.
  Chess.fm Live Chess Commentary - Fantastic when watching a game on ICC or other site..
  ChessNinja Mig Greengard's site - News, Message boards, Weekly News Letter, etc.
  Chess Oracle Chess News From Around The World.
  New In Chess On-line Chess Magazine.
  Russian Chess Russian Chess Site (In English) - General Chess News + Event Details.
  TWIC The Week In Chess - Mark Crowter's Chess News. Regularly Updated.
  Chess Organisations - Local
  Adastral Park Chess Club Adastral Park Chess Club - Monday and Thursday Lunch Time.

Braintree Chess Club

Braintree Chess Club - Wednesdays.
  Brandon Chess Club Brandon Chess Club - Tuesdays.
  Bury St. Edmunds Chess Club Bury St Edmunds Chess Club - Thursdays.
  Cambridge Chess Club Cambridge Chess Club - Wednesdays
  Chelmsford Chess Club Chelmsford Chess Club - Thursdays.
  Chess In Suffolk Information for Suffolk Chess Players - Competitions, Players, Ratings, etc.

Clacton Chess Club

Clacton Chess Club - Tuesdays.
  EACU East Anglian Chess Union.
  Essex Chess Association Chess Activities in South Essex.
  Hadleigh Chess Club Hadleigh Chess Club - Mondays.
  Ipswich and Suffolk Blog Latest News About Suffolk Chess Activities.
  Ipswich Junior Chess Club Meet at Copleston High School, Ipswich - 10 to 12 on Saturday mornings in term.
  Lowestoft Chess Club Lowestoft Chess Club - Mondays.
  Lowestoft Ex-Servicemens Club Chess Group Promotes chess in and around Lowestoft - Mondays.
  Newmarket chess club Newmarket Chess Club - Tuesdays
  Saxmundham Chess Club Saxmundham Chess Club - Tuesdays
  Chess Organisations - National & International Chess Bodies
  4NCL 4 Nations Chess League - England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
  af4c America's Foundation For Chess - promotes chess in US.
  Australian Chess Federation Organises Chess in Australia - Tournaments, On-line News Bulletin, Etc.
  British Chess Associations and Clubs Links to British Chess Clubs and Associations.
  British Chess Problem Society (BCPS) Founded in 1918 - the world's oldest chess problem society.
  British Womens Chess Association (BWCA) The BWCA aims to promote girls' and women's chess in the British Isles.
  CalChess Northern California Chess Association - Excellent on-line chess journal
  Chess Ireland What Is Going On In The Irish Chess World.
  Chess Scotland What Is Going On In The Scottish Chess World.
  English Chess Federation (ECF) Organises English Chess - Tournaments, Magazine, Etc.
  FIDE - World Chess Federation (FIDE) The Main International Chess Organisation.
  German Chess Federation Organises Chess in Germany - Tournaments, Magazine, etc.
  ICGA - International Computer Games Association Previously the International Computer Chess Association - Has a journal that, in addition to chess, covers Backgammon, Othello, Chinese Chess, Shogi, Go, and fundamental issues affecting the programming of all such games.
  New Zealand Chess Federation Organises Chess in New Zealand - Tournaments, On-line News Bulletin, Etc.
  United States Chess Federation (USCF) Organises US Chess - Tournaments, Magazine, etc.
  Welsh Chess Union Organises Welsh Chess.
  Chess Shopping - Links To Chess Shops On-line
  Anita Marquetry Ltd Creators of Quality Marquetry Chess Boards - Bespoke Work Undertaken
  The Chess Baron Full range of chess equipment - economy to luxury. Some great photography.
  chessmix Chess News, Magazines and Shop
  Chess Tables Very High Quality Chess Tables, Chairs and Sets.
  Chessbase The Home of Fritz - Plus Many Other Chess Programs and Databases, etc.
  chesszoom A very good selection of chess products
  Kasparv Chess Shopping Gallery Various Chess Related Offerings.
  The London Chess Centre Vast Number of Chess Books, Sets, Software and Magazines.
  Chess Software - Where To Download Chess Software
  ChessWare Free Software For Playing Chess (freeware, shareware & demos).
  Freeware or shareware Large Number Of Chess programs, Resources and Utilities.
  WBEC Ridderfirk Winboard Download Site.
  Chess Stories - Stories Relating to Chess - Fiction and Real Life
  Chess Humour Humorous Stories by Jon Edwards - US Correspondence Chess Champion.
  Chess Stories Chess Stories Short Fiction (and some non-fiction).
  Chess Tips & Theory - Where To Go To Improve Your Chess
  365 Chess Lessons A Lesson for every day of the year: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced Sections.
  Chess Game Database Two millions interactive chess games.
  Chess Is Fun Good range of advice from very basic to advanced! Site belongs to Jon Edwards - US Correspondence Chess Champion.
  ChessKit Lots of very good training and other chess resource material. Tactics and strategy tests, openings, endgame theory, etc.
  Chess Visualisation Training This free site helps you master the art of visualisation.
  Chess for Success A Complete Course On Tactics.
  Easychess The road to chess improvement - puzzles, tips, tests
  IchessU The chess university - learn chess in an interactive way!
  Kaber, Claude - Chess Site A good resource for training material.
  King's Gambit Information Exeter Chess Club - Guide To Some Ideas Behind The King's Gambit.
  knightmove.net A chess site for beginners and intermediate players
  Mark Lowery's Exciting World of Chess Excellent website full of useful tips, tactical & strategic exercises, links, etc.
  La Mecca Encyclopaedia of Chess - Including Openings, ECO Codes, etc.
  Nalimov Tablebase Server  A "Nalimov Tablebase Server" on the Dutch company Lokasoft's web site. All 3,4, and 5 piece endgames solutions are available - user just enters the FEN string.
  Openings Database Current Index of all chess positions.
  Ossimitz's Chess Site An amazing resource of annotated games - ChessBase CBH format.
  Practical Chess Endgame Weekly Endgame Challenge, Endgame Archives, etc.
  The Orang-Utan Magazine Marek's 1. b4 Opening Encyclopaedia.
  GM Sites - Find Out What Makes Grand Masters Tick
  Alexander Baburin's Grandmaster Square Websites of GM Morozevich, GM Baburin and GM Psakhis - Others soon!
  Bobby Fischer A Site Dedicated To Bobby Fischer.
  Chess Champs Garry Kasparov’s official website supporting ‘My Great Predecessors’ - his series of books about the great chess players of past and present.
  Gregory Kaidanov The site of former Russian GM Gregory Kaidanov.
  Alexandra Kosteniuk Woman Grandmaster (WGM-1998, IM-2000) [The Chess Goddess]
  Vladimir Kramnik Biography, interviews, games, forums, etc.
  Jon Levitt's Chess Pages Articles, Tips, Puzzles, etc., from GM Jon Levitt.
  Judit Polgar Fan club site for the highest rated women chess player of all time.
  Susan Polgar International GM and sister of Judit Polgar.
  Web-based Chess Sites - Places where you can play chess on line
  Chessbase Chess Club New and popular site - needs Fritz7 interface.
  Chess21 Good Site - Rated games, GM games, tournaments, large number of players. Users elect to download client software or, use a web-based java applet.
  ChessWorld A Large Site, lots of resources, includes email/web-based correspondence chess.
  FIDE's Main Chess Site Has a playing Area - not many players usually.
  Gamow Chess Server - Gamow II - Operated by Webdesign.
  ICC - Internet Chess Club One of the top Web Chess Sites - Rated Games, Lectures, etc.
  InstantChess Quick game - No client software download Needed.
  Pogo Massive site with variety of games supported - Rated Games, uses a java-based chess interface.
  US Chess Live (USCL) One of the top Web Chess Sites - Rated Games, Lectures, etc.
Official BCF on-line playing site.
  World Chess Network (WCN) One of the top Web Chess Sites - Rated Games, Lectures, etc.
  Yahoo! Games- Chess Massive site with variety of games supported - Rated Games, uses a java-based chess interface.

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